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If you landed on this page, you are part of a growing group that wants more from education. You may be a teacher, a home educator, a school leader, or a curious parent interested in forward-thinking education. Whoever you are, and whatever your background, you are in the right place. 

At Glittering Minds, we are passionate about supporting schools, teachers and parents on their journey to create an innovative learning environment for children. 

We help develop socially, emotionally and globally aware children. We help them build confidence in their problem-solving capabilities and empower them to drive change in their communities. We do so through project-based learning, Design Thinking and creative thinking. 

We have worked with over 2,000 teachers and parents across the globe to provide them with the knowledge, framework, tools and strategies they need to create an engaging, enriching and innovative learning environment for children. 
Our powerful learning material helps you create a home or school community where people learn, share, grow, and take their thinking capabilities to the next level.

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We believe teachers and parents can transform the world.

As a teacher, or a parent, you are a role model and “shaper of minds” and have the power to ensure your children get what they need from their classroom or home environment, to reach their fullest potential. You can foster an environment that cultivates creativity and a higher level of thinking.

What is the new economy?  

The twenty-first century brings with it a new kind of economy that requires different types of skills and a new mindset. Consequently, organisations are looking for employees that are talented at creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills; businesses are looking for workers with an innovative mindset.

Our education system needs to transform 

Unfortunately, our education system still operates on a twentieth-century traditional pedagogy where education is about transferring knowledge to students. This pedagogy was designed for past requirements and doesn’t meet current needs.


As a result, we developed an innovative programme “PBL and Beyond” that revolutionises the current pedagogy. This programme amplifies your impact and creates tomorrow’s leaders and change-makers.

This powerful transformation is accomplished by harnessing the power of Design Thinking.

We also published a few books to empower parents and teachers to create great thinkers. 
You can explore these books here.

You have the power to drive this transformation 

As a home educator or a teacher, you are one of the most significant factors in a successful transformation from traditional to innovative pedagogy. By creating a meaningful, authentic, rich, student-centric learning experience for your children, you can empower them and create tomorrow’s innovators.

Therefore, there is no need to wait for policymakers to slowly change existing policies and drive a top-down transformation of this massive education system. In fact, there is no time to waste: our children need this kind of education now.

This transformation in our education system starts with you. It is time to bring your classroom to the forefront of education and provide your students with the learning experience they need. And we are here to help you achieve this goal.

Founder - Ortal Green

Ortal is a passionate educator with a mission to empower teachers and parents to create tomorrow’s innovators.

She started her career as a computer scientist and worked for top global hi-tech companies such as IBM and Mercury for several years. Working at the forefront of this cutting-edge industry helped her understand the impact of technology on the future of work.

Additionally, as Ortal watched her three sons' journeys through primary school, she realised they were not being prepared for this future.

While Ortal saw the movement towards STEM as going in the right direction, essential skills such as creative thinking and the development of an innovative mindset, to name a few, were being left out. Having a solid technological background and being a Design Thinking practitioner, she was able to see that there was a need and a way to bridge this gap.

Therefore, Ortal co-founded “Glittering Minds” and created a programme for schools, “PBL and Beyond”. This programme provides the needed paradigm shift in education by introducing Design Thinking as the new pedagogy.

Ortal has been a teacher educator for a few years now. She feels privileged to have the opportunity to guide, support, and empower teachers to create a deeper, authentic, innovative, student-centred educational setting in their classrooms. It brings her happiness to see firsthand how participation in “PBL and Beyond” transforms both teachers' and students' ways of thinking and creates a learning environment that meets the twenty-first-century needs.

Ortal is also an author. She wrote a few books that empower parents and teachers to create tomorrow’s innovators.  These books provide teachers and parents with the knowledge and tools required to set up children for success in the 21st century.

Ortal is also a speaker. Get in touch to book her for an event. 

Feel free to book a one on one session with Ortal to discuss how you can bring your school to the forefront of educationhttps://calendly.com/ortalgreen/30min


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