Your comprehensive guide to cultivating tomorrow's innovators through 

Project-Based Learning 

Finally, an easy way to create a real change in your classroom!

Do you want to drive change in education but feel restricted by the system?
Do you want to turn your students into innovators?

You've entered this profession because you have a passion for teaching young people.

You want to shape the minds of the young generation and develop our next leaders and change-makers.

It’s your calling!

But then you got into the system and discovered many hurdles in your way to fulfilling your calling.

You got frustrated.

You feel that you can't become the teacher you want to be.


But what if there was an easy way to turn your classroom into an

entrepreneurial environment?

What if there are proven strategies that you could

implement with your students tomorrow?

Think Unique combines creative thinking and

innovation process that drives start-ups and organisations

success with the principles of Project-Based Learning.

By adopting this approach, you bring the methodologies

used by the best innovators and thought leaders of our time

to your classroom.
It is a practical, easy to follow how-to book that will enable you to

create an innovation-led environment in your classroom.

Think Unique promotes entrepreneurship education and lead students to become confident and creative leaders. With this book, you will develop your students 21st-century skills, provide them with a voice and open their world to infinite possibilities!

Whether you are new to project-based learning or want to enhance your teaching capabilities, Think Unique is the book for you.



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