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We provide Design Thinking (Also known as Human Centred Design) training, consulting and mentoring for businesses and individuals.​

Design Thinking 101 - 2 hours session

Join our impactful hands-on introduction session to build your skills in Design Thinking (Also known as Human Centred Design). Learn its core principles by undertaking a fast-paced and fun design challenge. Build empathy, listening with intent and embrace uncertainty to create innovative solutions.

You will leave this session with an approach and tools you can apply to your personal and professional life.

Design Thinking for everyone - one day course

Our world is changing in an ever-increasing pace. The problems we need to solve become bigger and more complex.

There is a need to develop our problem-solving, critical-thinking and creativity skills so we can solve the right problem and create an innovative solution which meets people’s needs. 

Learning Design Thinking (Also known as Human Centred Design) equips individuals, teams and organisations with the approach and tools required to successfully tackle challenges and reach solutions faster, with better results.

This one-day course is all about learning by doing. You will enjoy hands-on training in a highly collaborative and energising environment.


If you have problems to solve and looking for a creative and effective way to solve them, then this course is for you.


You’ll walk away from this day able to:


  • Think and work like a designer and feel confident to apply design thinking to your challenges, in your professional and personal life

  • Have creative confidence

  • Use different tools to better understand your users and their needs

  • Dig deeper and go beyond the obvious to understand and uncover the real challenge to be solved

  • Always puts users at the centre

  • Use techniques for creative ideation

  • Quickly and easily bring an idea to life (By creating a low fidelity prototype)

  • Test and improve to develop and implement ideas that create impact


You will also receive high quality and engaging course materials with Design Thinking tools and practical tips.

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