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How do you transition to become the B.E.S.T. school?

Are you still doing the same things every other school is doing?

You became a principal because you want to lead. 
You want to create a significant impact, be part of a bigger purpose.
You want to shape the minds of the young generation and lead your community into a better future. It's your calling!

But then you started your role as a principal and discovered the many demands of your job get in your way to achieve these goals.


You find that there are not enough hours in the day to complete your tasks. You are the first one to get to school in the morning and the last one to leave. You even work during nights and weekends. 


And if this is not enough, you had to deal with a very challenging couple of years.

COVID hit hard, and the education system today is not what it was before. The complexities imposed by the impact of the pandemic created a more challenging environment for transformation and progress in the school. 

And with all the new constraints, the expectations are that you, as a principal, will continue to improve, continue to drive change, and deliver the expected outcomes as stipulated by the department of education.

I’m sure you must be asking yourself, how can I progress STEM within the school? How can I improve numeracy and literacy outcomes? How can I progress my school to the future of learning? how do I develop student inquisitive minds? And all this whilst recovering from the impact of COVID.


You have tried different strategies, different professional developments for your staff. But you still face the same problems:

  • Inconsistent results at your school

  • An inability to consistently ‘grow’ your higher achieving students

  • Disengaged students

  • Your students don’t feel they have a voice and agency

  • Inconsistent practices and understanding of an inquiry-based approach across your school

You want to make a significant impact and change things for the better at your school.

You want other principals to come and learn from your success stories. 

But you couldn't find the way to make it happened. 

The secret lies in a lasting school’s transformation 

To create a lasting transformation within your school, your team needs to break away from their current way of thinking and adopt a new mindset.  

“PBL and Beyond” is designed to achieve this goal.

"PBL and Beyond" revolutionises the current pedagogy. It is a programme that helps schools adopt Design Thinking as the new framework for teaching and learning. 

This innovative professional development programme, which was co-designed with teachers, takes your teachers capabilities to the next level, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to encourage deeper learning in their classrooms. 


So as a school principal, how can you transform your school and become a leader in education?

By adopting "PBL and Beyond" as the new 21st-century pedagogy. 


Teachers participating in this program embark on a learning journey to enhance their own learning and practice for continuous improvement in students’ learning. This transformation impacts students in prominent areas such as positive social and emotional learning, self-directed learning, growth mindset, and community co-creation learning.

“PBL and Beyond” also deliberately works to develop your teacher’s leadership capacity and foster a culture of trust, collaboration, empathy, inquiry and having a bias for action.

Teachers equipped with the Design Thinking approach and knowledge can identify the root causes of any challenge or problem through the design thinking process and develop innovative solutions that meet the school’s community needs.

Once teachers learn Design Thinking, they can apply this innovative problem-solving methodology to find new ways to improve students' knowledge in literacy and numeracy, reduce behavioural issues, create an engaging learning environment, and so much more.

Even if you think your teachers don't have the time for professional development, "PBL and Beyond" is explicitly designed for busy teachers.


With "PBL and Beyond" You Will:

  • Empower your students and staff to take control and drive their future learning direction in an everchanging world

  • Implement of future focused learning consistently across the school through an inquiry-based model to develop creative and critical thinkers

  • Facilitate differentiated Professional Learning to enable all staff to share expertise and inspire improvement in practice

  • Create a challenging and engaging school environment to create strong conditions for student success

  • Promote authentic and rich learning

  • Foster a culturally inclusive and responsive learning environment that supports all stakeholders

  • Develop your students’ 21st century skills

  • Building strong community engagement

  • Bring your school to the forefront of education

How to Implement "PBL and Beyond" at My School?

Any school can apply to implement the "PBL and Beyond" Programme and become an innovative school.

The only requirement is that your team is open-minded and committed to growth to ensure a sustained school-wide transformation.

Download more information here: 


                                    Yes, I want to 


Principal's testimonial on "PBL and Beyond":

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