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Think unique - Your step-by-step guide to raising a successful, innovative child 

What if you could raise a child who is creative, innovative, and able to thrive in an ever-changing world?
Our children desperately need to develop the skill of creative thinking as they inherit a world where they will be expected to navigate unprecedented change, manage uncertainty, and solve complex problems.
And yet, traditional schooling methods are not preparing children for the world of tomorrow, and our children are paying the price.

As parents, we must empower our children to become independent thinkers and resilient problem solvers. However, to raise a great thinker, and an innovative child, we as parents also must become creative and innovative. We must be role models for what we want to see in our children.
Therefore, Think Unique takes you on your own innovative journey, so you can confidently raise a successful child. Whether you are home-schooling, unschooling or sending your child to a school, you are your child’s greatest teacher.
Think Unique provides you with the knowledge, mindset, and activities to turn your home into an innovative environment where your child develops curiosity and openness and becomes a confident, innovative thinker.

Join now the many parents that benefit from Think Unique –

“The valuable and powerful information in
this book is a gift to all parents who wish to enable their children to achieve success and fulfilment in life, and also to any person who questions what is holding them back from achieving their goals.” Ella, Florida, USA

“One of the most important lessons of this book is that innovative thinking is not necessarily a spark of creative genius but a skill that anyone can develop by applying a s
ystematic set of thinking tools. This book brings a refreshing perspective on how to encourage and train for innovative thinking.” Noa, California, USA

“Ortal appeals to everyone's desire to be more creative. She explains that creativity is not just for specially talented artists, but rather something that all of us, and especially our children, can access and develop, and that this is not only important in order to increase the quality of our lives, but will also help our kids compete in the workplace of the future. She gives concrete steps that you as a parent can take to work with children to get them to think creatively and to cha
nge how they approach learning. Her words are inspirational and give you hope that the future is bright for the next generation. I, for one, am using these techniques to help my own kids!” Jennifer, USA

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Fun activities to develop Creative Thinking!

Introducing the Activities to develop Creative Thinking and Well-Being Pack, a collection of 33 activities for unlocking your creativity and cultivating more happiness.


Creative Thinking is essential in today's world, no matter your industry. It can help you unlock innovative solutions to

challenging problems, developing unique ideas and producing more meaningful experiences.


Yet, did you know that Creative Thinking is critical to achieving a fulfilling, happy life? Studies have repeatedly proven that Creative Thinking can profoundly impact our mental well-being and happiness.


This is why we have created this product - to open the door to a life of creativity and joy. Our collection of 33 activities is designed to get you and your child thinking creatively and enhance your understanding of how creativity can be used in life.

Not only does it help to boost creativity, but it also helps to reduce stress and enhance your sense of well-being.


Discover the power of Creative Thinking and unlock greater levels of happiness and well-being.

Try the Creative Thinking Collection today!

Click on the image below to purchase this pack now for only $4 USD.

This activity is designed for 13-15 years old. 

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