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How do you prepare your students to succeed in a
future of unknowns and uncertainties?

Still thinking getting high grades in standardised testing means your students will succeed in the 21st century?

You've entered this profession because you have a passion for teaching young people. You want to shape the minds of the young generation and develop our next leaders and change-makers. It's your calling!

But then you got into the system and discovered there are many hurdles in your way to fulfilling your calling. 

You are expected to test and measure your students often.

You have a lot of admin work to do.

You need to adhere to the many policies and legislations. 

Therefore, you are frustrated. You feel that you can't become

the teacher you want to be with the education system's requirements. 

It doesn't mean you haven't tried. 

You have protested about it to your principal and asked for their help in this critical matter.

You asked your colleagues for advice.

You searched online for different ways around it. 

You want to provide your students with a meaningful, deep, rich learning experience.

You want to enjoy teaching again.

You want to inspire your students. 

But you couldn't find a way to provide your students with the learning environment they need. 

Adopt a new way of teaching to turn your classroom into an entrepreneurial environment

The twenty-first century brings a new kind of economy that requires different types of skills and a new mindset. Consequently, organisations are looking for talented employees at creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication; businesses are looking for workers with an innovative mindset. 

According to Oxford, Mckinsey, IBM, Microsoft, and many other studies of the expertise needed most by companies. Creativity was named the top skill to develop, to meet the challenges of increasing complexity and uncertainty in the world.


The demand for employees with innovation abilities will only increase due to exponential growth in automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Creative thinking and an innovative mindset are the new basic skills that every child today needs to develop. 


So as a teacher, as a role model and “shaper of minds” how can you prepare the younger generation for the future of work?

By adopting “PBL and Beyond” as the new 21st-century pedagogy. 


You are one of the most significant factors in a successful transformation from traditional to innovative pedagogy.

By creating a meaningful, authentic, rich, student-centric learning experience for your students, you can

empower them and create tomorrow’s innovators. 

There is no need to wait for policymakers to slowly change existing policies and drive a top-down transformation of this massive education system. In fact, there is no time to waste:

our children need this kind of education now. 

This transformation in our education system starts with you. It is time to bring your classroom to the forefront of education and provide your students with the learning experience they need. 


“PBL and Beyond” revolutionise the current pedagogy.

It is a programme that helps teachers adopt Design Thinking as the new framework for teaching and learning. 

This programme takes you on a personal journey to discover how to

amplify your impact and create tomorrow’s leaders and change-makers.

This innovative professional development programme, co-designed with teachers, helps you take your teaching to the next level, equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to encourage deeper learning in your classroom. 

Even if you think you don't have the time for such professional development, "PBL and Beyond" is a uniquely designed programme custom-built for busy teachers.




Online learning - > Training at your convenience 

A practical guide with ready-made lessons plans -> Relax and get some of your time back

Learn the new 21st-century pedagogy -> Become the teacher of the future 

Create a student-centric learning environment -> Bring back the fun to teach

Develop students 21st-century skills -> Cultivating tomorrow’s innovators in your classroom


The outcome of this programme will be the metamorphosis of your classroom into an active entrepreneurial environment where students collaborate and think creatively to solve real-world problems and bring their ideas into reality. 


Even if you think you can't do much due to the system's constraints, as "PBL and Beyond" is a uniquely designed programme custom-built to work within these constraints.

How to Implement "PBL and Beyond" at My School?

Any school can apply to implement the "PBL and Beyond" Programme and become an innovative school.

The only requirement is that you and your colleagues are open-minded and committed to growth to ensure a sustained school-wide transformation.

Download more information here: 

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 Teacher's testimonial on "PBL and Beyond":


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