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9 out of 10 teachers struggle. Are you one of them?

Great teaching transforms students' lives.

But with the current approach, preparing lessons for excellent teaching takes time our teachers don't have.

A Grattan Institute survey of 5,442 Australian teachers and school leaders investigated what is going on with teachers' time.

They discovered that more than 90 per cent of teachers say they don't have enough time to prepare effectively for classroom teaching – which is the core part of their job.

This survey also highlights that teachers feel overwhelmed by everything they are expected to achieve. Moreover, it is very alarming that, as per this survey, many school leaders feel powerless to support them.

And unfortunately, this problem is not unique to Australia.

When teachers aren't supported to do their jobs well, teaching quality suffers, teachers suffer, and our children lose out.

Have these thoughts crossed your mind - 'I just want to teach' and 'I don't want to let my students down, but I can't go on like this.'?

If you have, you are not alone. Many teachers understand that our education system is broken. Many teachers know that we must face the facts and do better.

Everyone inside this system is struggling. School principals are overwhelmed, and teachers are stressed and overworked. And our children, who this system is supposed to serve, struggle academically, mentally and emotionally.

This is a massive problem for all of us.

So, where do we go from here?

Do we need to wait for our slow government to make changes?

Can we really afford to wait for fixed-minded bureaucrats to open their minds to new ways of teaching and learning?

There is no time to waste, as our teachers and children are paying the price now.

It is time for us to bring the needed changes from the ground up.

We can create a better education system and start right now.

There is a way for teachers to be great teachers while reducing their stress and working hours.

There is a way for teachers to amplify their impact and create tomorrow's innovators and change-makers in their classrooms with all the constraints of our broken education system.

Join my webinar on "Design Thinking – the Future of Education" to discover how to harness the power of Design Thinking to enjoy teaching, reduce your workload and inspire your students.

Webinar time –

17 November 2022

5pm AEDT|11:30am IST|7am CET|6am GMT

Register here.

Can't attend the live session?

No worries! You can register to receive the recording.

Here is what educators say about this webinar-

⭐The best workshop for teachers! So engaged!!

⭐Very powerful points and applications shared by you, dear Ortal

⭐Excellent scenario to present the concept of Design Thinking

⭐Love this engaging, discovery learning 🥰

⭐It was really an amazing session, Thank You

⭐Ortal - beautiful presentation

⭐Good Morning Everyone from Madagascar! Thank you for your amazing Talk about Design thinking Ortal Green

⭐Thank you so much for this great session on design thinking. What a lovely model and concept

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