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A fruit makes all the difference

Do you love oranges?

On a recent business trip to Sydney, I went to see the opera house, and it blew me away. This building has such fantastic architecture that it Wows you away. But for me, it wasn’t just about the aesthetics and uniqueness of this world heritage building. It was about the story behind it.

The opera house is a story about having inspiration, thinking big, and innovating. The Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries and dream big. He wasn’t afraid to try, fail and try again until he would find the way to make his dream a reality.

We can learn many lessons from this story. One of them is about the power of connecting unrelated things and getting ideas from everything around us.

As you can see, the Opera house's roof is designed as shells. This unique design results from Jørn Utzon peeling an orange and being inspired by the shape of the orange peels.

Inspiration is all around us if we are ready to imagine and see things differently. It is not about what you look at; it is about what you see.

What inspires you today?

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