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Bring the fun to math

You can give your students a reason to love math! In episode 10 of The Thinking Effect podcast, Lili-Ann Kriegler and I share the best-kept secret – how you can use convergent and divergent thinking in your classroom to create a more flexible and engaging learning environment. We all know that children (and adults too!) learn better when they experience different learning styles, when they can explore new material from different views and in different ways. Therefore, using convergent and divergent thinking as part of your teaching enables you to create this unique learning environment, where your students learn better. In this episode, we share with you ways to: ✅Increase students’ engagement ✅Develop creative thinking ✅Provide students with a voice ✅And turn your math lesson into a fun session! Do you want to give your students enriching and engaging learning experiences?

If you do, tune in now to learn how to use two complementary types of thinking – convergent and divergent, to enhance your enjoyment of teaching and your students' excitement about learning. Watch on YouTube Or listen as a Podcast

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