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empathy at the heart of children

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

At Glittering Minds, it is important for us to measure the impact of our Human Centred Design for kids program on the students and teachers. On analysing the collected data, we see that the positive impact is vast. The students quickly develop many important life skills – problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, empathy and more. It is very rewarding to learn that the impact on the students continues well beyond their time in the classroom and impacting how they treat others.

When a year 4 teacher was asked “Have you seen any difference in how the students approach problem solving before and after participating in Glittering Minds fundamentals course?”

The answer was “When thinking of a solution to any problem, even just something like a disagreement outside at lunchtime, they are more likely to consider how other people involved might be affected instead of just their own. I think they are starting to change their mindset from thinking only about themselves to considering what other people think, want and need.” (This transformation happened in 4 weeks time)

Imagine the positive impact on our society once all primary school students will be learning in this manner.

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