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Children mental health

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

What impacts children mental health at school?

In one of the schools we work with, year 3 and 4 students explored this question –

“How might we create a positive and supportive learning environment at our school?”

As part of their research, they interviewed their peers in order to understand the different perspectives on what a supportive ad positive learning environment is.

They discovered there are three main areas impacting students mental health:

· Feeling part of the school community

· Having a supportive and fun learning environment

· Having a sense of achievement

When students experience all three, they are happy at school.

Here are few answers to the question – “What might make you feel good about yourself at school?”:

“Having teachers that help me learn”

“When I do a kind act to someone”

“If my teachers say something good about me”

“When my friends and teachers support me”

“People showing me respect”

“When I am being nice to others and they are being nice to me”

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