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children understand their parents

Imagine you are telling your child to stop playing electronic games and the response you get is – I know you are not being mean now. I know you have my best interests at heart.

How wonderful it would be to have such discussions around the use of electronic games at home?

As part of Glittering Minds school programme, 9-year-olds worked on this question –

How Might We design a computer game for children, that both parents and children are happy about?

As Design Thinkers, these children looked at this question from their parents’ point of view. They gained empathy and understanding on points of view different than their own.

Imagine raising the next generation with an open mind for other perspectives, other ideas, believes and behaviours. Raising children that welcome the different.

We can make it happen. This can become our reality. All we need to do is provide these children with the right environment.

What difference do you think this change will drive in our communities?

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