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Coder Dojo meets Design Thinking

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

It was amazing teaming up with JochyReyes who manage Coder Dojo Richmond, to introduce Human Centred Design to her Dojo class. Our kids are introduced to technology from an early age and they feel very comfortable with its use. It’s important they see it as an enabler for creative and innovative solutions for problems or opportunities.

On the 23 of June 2018 at Richmond, we took the 9 to 13-year-old coders through an introduction to Human Centre Design, our aim was to shift their mindset to focus on the end user.

They were such an engaged class, asking great questions and really getting into the problem that I gave them. They solved the problem using technology as enabler. The ideas were creative and built on by each other.

After such an inspiring session I have such great hope for this generation of Australians and can’t wait to see what they achieve. 

It was surprising how Iron Man and the Hulk influenced some ideas.

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