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COVID-19 Empowerment

How do our children experience COVID-19?

Are they angry? Frustrated? Feeling like a victim? Do

they feel they can handle these challenges?

COVID-19 brought with it many constraints. Our lives

have turned upside down and we all need to deal with it and find a way forward.

We choose what kind of stories we tell about COVID-19. Are we telling stories of despair? Or are we telling stories of resilience and new opportunities?

We are the authors of our stories. We have the power

to choose what kind of stories we share. Our stories can empower ourselves and our children.

If you want to use COVID-19 for empowerment, you can do this:

1. Choose one of your COVID-19 stories which demonstrates how you encountered a

challenge, overcame it and found new opportunities.

2. Craft your story -

3. Share this story with your family.

4. Ask your child to think how he/she was impacted by COVID-19. Ask them to think about

new opportunities that were created for them from this situation.

5. Play back what you heard from your child in a way

that clearly shows how your child looked at a constraint and found great opportunities within it.

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