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Creating a better world

If you only see the world from your own angle, you narrow down your world. You miss out on so much richness, on so many beautiful colours and great adventures.

But being able to see things from different angles is much more than enjoying life and having more fun.

Seeing and thinking about things through multiple perspectives is an important skill. It enables you to get a deeper understanding of events and people – all you need to do is step out of yourself and look from different viewpoints.

You can help your children or students develop this important way of thinking, so it becomes natural for them.

One easy way to go about it is by looking with your child or students at everyday objects and exploring how they can be seen from different perspectives.

For example, you can explore a tree. You can ask your child or students- what do you think different people see when they look at this tree?

A few answers are-

Children can see it as a climbing frame.

A carpenter can see it as a source of timber.

Someone hungry can see it as a source of food.

A person who wants to meditate can see it as a place of peace and calmness.

Encourage your child or students to look at this tree from different angles. Encourage them to come up with as many different points of view as possible.

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