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Creating tomorrow's innovators

If you ask five-year old children what is Design Thinking, what would they say?

This week, I had the pleasure of attending a foundation class at one of the schools that participate in Glittering Minds programme. It was the children’s first session on Design Thinking.

The teacher started by asking them – What do you think Design Thinking means?

The children were happy to take a guess and some of their answers were –

  • Thinking of designing thingamajig

  • Using your brain

  • Thinking of designing stuff

  • Making stuff up

Then they continued to learn what Design Thinking is and how it is used to solve problems.

It was amazing to see such young children starting their Design Thinking journey and developing their innovative mindset. These children will become tomorrow’s innovators, leaders, and game-changers.

These children are the future of our country. How can we make sure every child develops these 21st century skills so they are set up for success?

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