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Creative genius

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Do we hold the right perception on creativity?

Throughout the years we have been helping people develop their creativity, we found there are two common misconceptions about it.

The first one is that creativity means being artistic. Many adults (And children too) confuse being creative with the ability to draw well and being artistic. Therefore, if they think they are not good at drawing, if they think they are not really the artistic type, they believe they are not creative.

The second one is the belief we are born with a certain quota of creativity. A notion that someone up there provides each newborn with few sprinkles of creativity, and this is what we need to live with. And there is nothing we can do about it. Our creativity is fixed, and we just need to accept it.

Creative thinking, creating innovators, creative problem solving

It’s time to break out of these concepts and realize that being creative doesn’t mean being artistic. They are two different things. And each one of us can become more creative as creativity in as expression of our imaginative mind, and this can be expressed in many ways.

So know today that you can become a creative genius!

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