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Design Thinking - prepare your kids for the future

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

We are currently facing the fastest pace of change in history. Jobs that existed for many years disappear and new ones (that no one imagined) appear. So how do you prepare your kids for the future?

The answer is teaching them skills which are above a particular technical knowledge or tool.

We need to provide our kids with skills which would benefit them personally and professionally in an ever changing world.

These important skills are:

1.      The ability to understand the other (empathy)

2.      Explore and understand a topic (a problem, an opportunity) from different angles

3.      Being able to frame a problem/opportunity

4.      Thinking creatively

5. Being curious

6.      Problem solving

7.      Remove attachment to own ideas

8.      Collaborate with others

9.      Test ideas quickly and cheaply (Improve ideas quickly based on feedback from users , or scrap the ideas if they are not good for the purpose)

10.  Share your story

By teaching kids Design Thinking, we will equipped them with the above skills.

We will open their minds to new and different ideas and opportunities and give them the tools required in order to be successful in our world.

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