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Develop a love for learning

The idea that education is a one-way process is outdated, and it's time for us to start taking steps towards the future. In The Thinking Effect's fourth episode, Lili-Ann Kriegler and I continue the journey on how to create an environment where students own their learning. We discuss why letting students own their learning is essential. We talk about the importance of allowing students to learn independently and the benefits they can gain from this learning environment. The benefits of independent learning are amazing: Students who learn independently develop a stronger sense of voice and self-confidence, better analytical skills, higher academic achievement, and an improved sense of belonging and well being. In this episode, we also provide educators with specific ways to foster that type of environment in the classroom straight away. We talk about what this change in the learning environment means for teachers and the challenges teachers might face when shifting from being a teacher to being a facilitator of learning. Tune in to join the conversation on creating great thinkers in your classroom.

Episode #4 - How do we create an environment where students own their learning? - part 2:

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