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From solution focused to problem focused

What kind of thinking is required to solve a problem? As humans we love to solve problems. We love it so much that when we are given a problem, we often jump straight into solution. Are we stopping ourselves and asking, “is this the right problem?” or “do we have the correct solution?” Problem solving is an important skill in our everyday life. We need to use it in our personal and professional life. Are primary schools today enable student’s success by developing this capability? When primary school children were given a problem to solve, they approached it by coming up with their own ideas for solution. Their thinking is solution focused. More than that, their thinking is “MY solution” focused. So how do we develop problem solving skills in primary school children? We do it by changing the learning experience. We do it by teaching them Human Centred Design and guidance on how to apply HCD approach and tools throughout the work they do at school. After participating in HCD fundamental program, the children’s approach has changed from “MY solution” focused to problem focused. Their thinking has transformed from “I know the answers” to “let’s explore the problem, understand it, brainstorm ideas and test them”.

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