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Glittering Minds at Oxford University

This week, Edithvale primary school, who is working with Glittering Minds for a few years now, has presented one of their Design Thinking projects at Oxford university's #kidsConference2021.

Hayden Callahan, Edithvale’s Project-based inquiry leader, talked about their Glittering Minds journey- “Glittering Minds has helped our school to learn all about Design Thinking. Due to this work with Glittering Minds, we have realised that we were missing this feedback loop and that the students need to design a product with the people who are involved.

Ortal Green has introduced us to the Double Diamond approach to inquiry learning, where the students would learn about the problem by interviewing people who are invested in the project. So if they were designing a product for a particular purpose, they would include these people in the design process from the start until the finished product and get feedback along the way.

As a result, our students are now better at designing products with the users. They are more confident coming up with questions, interviewing, providing feedback to one another. They are more data-savvy now. They are good at sifting through data, identifying themes and being able to use the information they have collected to make a better product.

Stephen Spain , the founder of the Oxford university's kids conference, shared his thoughts about this presentation- “Design Thinking is similar to systemic thinking and also considering student voice and agency, and re-enforcing students’ ability to bring their own knowledge to their learning and engage in a new way to creatively enhance and develop their research and inquiry, it is very exciting

You can have this future-focused, innovative learning at your school. Book a meeting now to discuss how you can achieve these wonderful outcomes at your school -

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