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HCD develops resilient children

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

How can we help children develop resilience?

Life is not easy. We face setbacks and disappointments along our life journey.

A key attribute for success is the ability to see these experiences as a way to learn and having confidence that you can make it.

How do we help children develop this mindset and confidence?

We recently ran our HCD fundamentals course for year 3 students. The input we got from their teacher was that before the course, the students’ reaction to criticism was that it was a sign of failure. The students were also frustrated when they didn’t succeed in their first attempt. One of the outcomes of participation in our HCD for kids’ fundamentals course was a shift in the student’s mindset and development of creative confidence. They learnt that they need to edit and change their work in order to make it better. They learnt to accept criticism and use this feedback to improve their creation. They learnt this iterative approach is part of the process required for success.

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