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How schools impact creative thinking?

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

What impact do schools have on creativity?

NASA wanted to test their engineers’ creativity. So they hired scientists to develop a test that measures creativity. 

After testing NASA’s engineers, the scientists were left with few questions. Where does creativity come from? Are we born with it? Do we learn it?

They gave a group of 4-5 years old the same test.

To their surprise, 98% of the children fell in the genius category of imagination. Now they were more curious to find out what is going on with creativity. How come almost all children are tested to be creative genius? And what happens with their creativity as they grow up?

When the same children were tested again at the age of 10, only 30% of them fell into the genius category. At the age of 15, only 12% got genius results.

The scientists then tested over one million adults and discovered only 2% of them fall in the genius category.

We are all born very creative. This is one of our unique human traits. But something happens to our creativity as we grow up.

How Creative thinking is impacted by schools

These scientists concluded that non-creative behavior is learnt. That creativity is unlearnt at schools due to the way our education system is designed.  

The good news is that anyone can re-learn to be creative genius. 

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