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Human Centred design from a child's perspective

What do you think children will answer when asked what is Human Centred Design?

Here are some answers from year 4 students –

"A mindfulness program"

"A company of people that design countries"

"I think HCD means how humans are designed"

"I think it is something when people gather up and design stuff"

"A design that is centred to something in the world"

"I think human centred design is based on what humans need and how humans work together to create great things."

"Humans and how they work"

"Your heart"


"How people design people"

What will the same students answer after participating in Glittering Minds HCD for kids fundamentals course?

"It is when you come up with different ideas to solve a problem"

"To design things to help people"

"Solving problems in everyday life"

"HCD is when a grouping of people design a solution to a problem and put it into action" "It is when you can create new things to solve a problem"

"Creating something useful to solve a problem"

"Designing to the users needs"

"I think Human Centred Design is when we can go crazy with our imagination"

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