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Improv your way to creativity

There are many great ways to develop our creativity. A very fun way to go about it is Improv.

Yesterday I laughed my head off while participating in an improv workshop.

It is something I am going to keep on doing.

There is nothing like coming up with creative responses on the spot, to get your creativity and imagination flowing.

Here is a fun improv exercise you can try with your family and/or friends:

Divide the group into pairs. (Person A and Person B)

Person A approach person B and says – “Hi, I have a gift for you” and hand over the imaginary gift. (Feel free to act it out. This gift might be big and heavy, it might be something small you take out of your pocket etc…)

Person B is answering – “Thanks you for….” And saying what is the gift.

Person A then replies – “You are welcome. I bought it especially for you because…” and provide the reason why this gift was bought for this specific person.

Have fun with, let your imagination flow and don't forget to get silly as well.

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