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It's the fun way to create great thinkers in your classroom!

Convergent and divergent thinking are opposite types of thinking.

They complement each other, and even though one is often seen as more important than the other, both are crucial for our ability to become excellent problem solvers.

When we are not clear on the distinction between convergent and divergent thinking, we don’t know how to apply them in the classroom. This, in turn, comes in the way of our students developing their thinking capabilities and helping them become excellent problem solvers.

Episode #9 on The Thinking Effect podcast explores the meaning of convergent and divergent thinking. Tune in now to enhance your teaching by mastering convergent and divergent thinking. This concise episode covers everything you need to know about differentiating these two types of thinking - what they are, how they complement each other, when to use them in the classroom, and more!

Spoiler alert - there is a fun activity in this episode even your most reluctant student will enjoy doing.

Watch on YouTube Or listen as a Podcast

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