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Unleash your creative superpowers! I am happy to share that I will be facilitating a webinar on creative thinking as part of Sir Ken Robinson Imagine if... festival. I invite you to join us for this fun, playful, interactive session and develop the most critical skill for success. “There is no price tag for creativity” Walt Disney. What does participating in this webinar means for you? Developing your creative thinking will: ✅Reduce your stress levels (Life is full of challenges, but you will see them as opportunities to come up with better ideas) ✅Improve your ability to see opportunities all around you ✅Help you become a great problem solver ✅Build your confidence ✅Increase your happiness and enjoyment in life ✅Help you think quickly on your feet ✅Make you the person that always has many unique ideas ✅Turn you into the person everyone comes for to get advice And so much more…. So if you are willing to invest in yourself and want to enjoy all these benefits, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Register now to start your creative journey - The Webinar is on the 17 of March at 9 pm AEDT, 10 am GMT. Can't make it? Not a problem. Register to receive the recording. I look forward to seeing you there!

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