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Learning is child play

At Glittering Minds we believe children learn best by doing, and we don’t stop there. Children learn better when they learn in a highly collaborative and playful environment. An environment that promotes exploration and hands-on learning. An environment which enables agency, where children take on ownership over their learning experiences.

Through our learning environment, children develop resilience and an ability to cope as they try out different possibilities and test their ideas. Such environment develops the children’s interest and motivation for learning. It also enables children to express and develop their imagination, curiosity and creativity, which are critical skills in our knowledge-driven world. These are the building blocks of what is known as ‘21st-century skills.’

Our belief is backed up by science! Research suggests play promotes deeper learning, optimal learning through play happens when the activity is a joyful experience. It helps children find meaning in what they are learning. It involves iterative thinking (experimentation and testing) and involves social interactions.

This is wonderful news as we can open the door to tapping into children’s enormous learning potential by transforming their learning environment.

Glittering Minds learning environment is tailored to how students learn best, in fact, the students enjoy it so much that they perceive it as free play. As expressed by a year 3 student – ‘I love these sessions as we have free time.’

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