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Creating innovators

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Creativity can be seen magical, as moments of divine inspiration. If you waited for the universe to bless you with an “Eureka!” moment, I have great news for you. You have the power. You can bring on this magic.

Here are few ways to go about generating creative ideas:

1. Repurpose – Find new ways to use existing product/services etc. One example for repurpose is party buses.

2. Merge – merge few products/services together, to create better value. One example is Fitbit which is a merge of different technologies that track your health like - heart rate, number of steps and sleep quality.

3. Break – break existing products/services to their different parts and remove, add, rearrange the parts to create something better. One example is magnetic eyewear which enables transformation of regular prescription eyewear into sunglasses.

Creating innovators. How to develop creative thinking

So practice your creativity and come up with innovative ideas by looking at your everyday products/services and explore how you can repurpose, merge or break them, to create something new.

Don’t forget to get playful and have fun as you come up with many ideas.

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