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Opportunity for transformation

COVID-19 hit our education system like a storm.

It challenged how students learn, how teachers teach, the level of parents’ involvement in their children’s learning and the priority given to academic results vs students well-being.

The remote learning experience highlighted the problems we have within our education system and the big need for transformation. It also showed us that when there is a need and a sense of urgency, our enormous education system can move quite quickly.

This is very encouraging. If we saw, pre-COVID, that moving this system a few meters takes few years, we now see that this system can move very far very quickly, given the right support and push from the top.  

We have a great opportunity now that we shouldn’t miss. An opportunity to design a better education system. An opportunity to address the things that don’t work anymore and the things we can do better. It is an opportunity to look at what children need today in order to be happy and successful in our world. An opportunity to prepare these children for the world that will be there for them when they finish school. A fast-paced world with many unknowns, uncertainties and complex problems. 

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