The secret impact of caffeine

You are not going to believe what happened to me this morning!

I got up, turned on the kettle, as I desperately needed my morning coffee, and placed a piece of bread in the toaster.

But when it looked like the water would boil, instead of steam coming out, a cloud of confetti covered me!

I felt like a celebration was happening in my kitchen!

As I couldn’t prepare the so needed cup of coffee, I turned to my fridge to get the fruit shake I left there last night. As I opened the door, green and blue butterflies flew out, circled me and then landed gently on my arms and head. One of them used my nose as a helipad. They were so beautiful and friendly. It felt like a group of old friends were putting up their best show to lift me up.

I thought to myself that the universe always got my back. The universe has arranged this celebration to cheer me up during this never-ending lockdown.

Even though it was the most fantastic start for the day, I still needed my coffee.

Since I couldn’t get my fix at home, I thought I better drive to a nearby coffee shop. This way, I will support a local business and enjoy a nice cup of cappuccino at the same time.

So I got into my car and turned the key. Instead of hearing the engine start, I suddenly found myself sitting at a coffee shop in Jamaica while a live band played one of Bob Marley’s songs.

I couldn’t have asked for more.

Imagination can take you anywhere. It has no limits, no boundaries.

Imagination fuels creative thinking and drives the creation of things you might have thought were impossible.

Isn’t it worth developing this fantastic skill?

What impossible thing can you imagine?

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