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Think like Einstein – the fun and easy way

How do you feel about weirdos?

Do you feel confident sharing your quirks with the world?

I have something special to share with you. It is a surprising and fun way to develop your creative thinking and confidence. But you need to keep an open mind as this will not be your usual tips to enhance creativity.

Instead, I want to discuss the importance of being weird.

Yes, you read it correctly. I am talking about being weird, the odd one out, the different.

Is your heart beating faster now?

Most of us are programmed to do anything but be weird. We try to avoid it at any cost. We don’t want to be the odd one out. We don’t want to be different. Just the thought of being pointed at as a weirdo is enough to get us covered with cold sweat. (It might also be a nightmare that you are having)

But what if being weird has many advantages?

What if being weird is key to innovation?

The link between being weird and creativity

Many creative people have their unique quirks and are considered to be weirdos.

You can easily see the weirdness of great artists such as Salvador Dali, Lady Gaga, Iris Van Herpen, Andy Warhol and Georgia O'Keeffe.

However, you can also see it with many inventors and innovators that changed our world.

Weirdos can disrupt the market. They can create new technologies, bring something that seemed impossible to life, and help others look at things differently.

Steve Jobs, for example, thought that a meat-free diet meant his body doesn’t produce any odours. Therefore, to the disapproval of the people around him, he stopped wearing deodorant. Jobs also didn’t believe in wearing shoes and often walked around the office bare feet.

Nikola Tesla is another example of a creative, weird inventor. Tesla had an obsession with pigeons. He spent hours feeding them at the park, took home injured pigeons to nurse them back to health and even confessed to falling in love with a white pigeon.

Albert Einstein had many quirks as well. One of them was a strong dislike for socks. So much so that he stopped wearing them.

While you might find these stories amusing, there is a science behind the impact of being a weirdo or having many quirks on your creative capabilities.

As it turns out, researchers found a direct link between being weird, creative thinking and having an innovative mindset.

When you have weird experiences, diversify your reality and push yourself outside of the “normal” way of doing things, you develop flexibility of thinking. This happens as embracing the weird breaks your existing thinking patterns.

Celebrate your uniqueness

You are unique. There is no one else like you. Even on a planet with nearly 8 billion people.

Being unique is incredible. However, as a society, we program children to blend in. We tell them to be the same as others. Therefore, we learn to fear standing out and being different at a very young age.

And so, we suppress our uniqueness and follow the norm.

If you want to develop your creative thinking and be true to who you are, with all your quirkiness, it is time to reconnect with it.

It is time for you to:

✅own your weird

✅use your uniqueness to live authentic lives

✅leverage your quirkiness to create your best work

✅and have more fun.

It is time to stop worrying about what others think of you.

Be the best you can be, with all your weirdness and quirks.

Be the one who comes up with different ideas that no one else thought about.

How to develop your uniqueness

Want to tap into your inner weirdness to reach your creative potential?

Here are 4 tips on how you can do so right now –

  1. Embrace your weird look. Break free from what society says you should wear, what haircut you need to have and your overall appearance. Can’t express yourself when you go to work? No worries! Embrace your unique look after hours. You can proudly wear quirky clothes during the weekend when you go to your favourite coffee shop.

  2. Share with the world your strange and wonderful thoughts. Drop your fear and share your unique ideas. Don’t deprive the world of your voice. Your views and opinions are unique to you as they stem from your own life experiences and who you are.

  3. Turn left when everyone turns right. Break away from the standard way of thinking and doing things. If everyone is thinking one way, think about opposite ways. Also, try doing the things you do in the opposite way. For example, try writing with your left hand if you are right-handed. If there are specific ways you make a sandwich or eat certain foods, try it in the opposite way. When you go about your routine completely differently, your mind will go into creative mode.

  4. Seek other people’s weird ideas. Enrich your mind with different unique ways of thinking. This would inspire you to come up with even better unique ideas and develop your innovative thinking.

If you are an educator or a parent, this is how you can help children celebrate and develop their uniqueness-

  1. Don’t ask children to look or be like someone else. Let children express who they are in the clothes they wear and the accessories they choose to use. Celebrate with them their uniqueness. Support their differences.

  2. Accept their different thinking and unique ideas. Don’t pass judgment on their way of thinking, no matter how weird or “silly” you mind find it. Ask them to elaborate on it. Ask them why they think this way. Keep an open mind while having such a conversation; it might be that they show you a different perspective you never thought about.

  3. Help them explore different ways. When they do something (For example, creating a marble run), ask them – how else can you do it? What might be unusual ways to do it?

  4. Read them quirky, weird stories. Open their minds to different concepts and ideas. Have a discussion with them about the story. Ask them - What do you like about this story? What would you add to it? What do you think about the characters? Is there something you don't like about it?

Do you want to develop your creative thinking?

If you are a parent, my book "Think Unique - raising a successful innovative child" will take you on your own creative thinking journey and guide you on how to develop an innovative environment at your home.

If you are a teacher, my book "Think Unique - your comprehensive guide to cultivating tomorrow's innovators through Project-Based Learning", will take you on your own creative journey and provide you with everything you need to create an innovative learning environment in your classroom.

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