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Are we asking enough questions?

We are all born with a very curious mind. As children, we constantly explore the world around us. Being able to ask questions and to question what we hear and see, enables us to construct an understanding and shape our perception on the world.

According to research, children between the age of 14 months to 5 years ask 107 questions per hour. At primary school, they ask about 3 questions per hour. At high school, they hardly ask any questions at all.

Stopping asking questions is detrimental not only to our ability to explore and innovate. It is detrimental to our ability to question what we read and see on the news and social media. It is detrimental to our ability to check whether we hear facts or inferences and opinions. It is detrimental to our ability to fully participate in our democratic society, with our eyes open wide.

One way to cultivate our curious mind is to have a visual aid and as a family, start asking questions about what we see.

You can do this exercise with your family using the image below which includes Victoria’s government information.

One of the first questions children ask when they see this image is -

“If there is zero risk with everyone wearing a mask and keeping 1.5 distance, then what is the point of the other restrictions?”

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