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When you can't meet your hero

I got to engage with my hero in a very special way.

Sir Ken Robinson has been an inspiration for me for a long time now.

I fell in love with him when I saw his Ted Talk on - "Do schools kill creativity?" (It is the most-watched Ted Talk. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should)

There is something special about Ken Robinson. His warm smile, humility, the way he uses his words, and how he laughs. His fantastic personality simply jumps at you right out of the screen.

After this first encounter, I consumed more and more of his content. I read his books, watched interviews with him, basically anything I could put my hands on.

At the beginning of 2020, I started writing my book – “Think Unique”. It is a book that empowers teachers to create an innovative learning environment in their classroom and develop their students’ creative thinking. As I was writing my book, I thought about Sir Ken Robinson. I planned to send him a copy of my book as a gift after it is published.

It was important for me to do so as Think Unique is a practical guide to achieve the goal he was working on – an education system where creative thinking is developed, and individual talents are celebrated and nurtured.

Sadly, I couldn’t send him my book, as Sir Ken Robinson passed away a few days after I published it.

His passing is a significant loss for all of us.

Ken Robinson promoted the need for a big change in our education system. The need to provide children with a learning environment that embraces their different, individual talents. A system that highly values not just literacy and STEM, but a system that sees the arts with the same importance.

A few days back, I got an opportunity to honour Sir Ken Robinson in a very special way.

I facilitated a webinar as part of his festival. I thoroughly enjoyed running a webinar on “Unleash your creative superpowers” and helping people from all over the globe understand creativity and how they can develop their own creative thinking.

The energy was fantastic, and creativity was flowing.

If you missed this webinar and want to develop your innovative thinking, you can watch the on-demand recording of this session here.

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