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You can create better education while reducing your workload and stress

Last week I facilitated a session about “Design Thinking – the Future of Education” at the Virtual Design Education Forum.

It was fantastic to connect with so many people from across the globe.

During my webinar, I shared the following:

⭐ What Design Thinking is (with an example to demonstrate how powerful Design Thinking is in finding innovative solutions for problems.)

⭐ How Design Thinking could be used effectively as a teaching framework to create empowering learning experiences for children. (I shared a Design Thinking project that was facilitated for year 4 students to show the practical use of Design Thinking in the classroom.)

⭐ How Design Thinking is an involving teaching framework that promotes academic success, empathy, resilience and connection with others.

⭐ How adopting Design Thinking as a teaching framework promotes teachers’ well-being. Adopting Design Thinking reduces teachers’ workload and stress and brings enjoyment to their daily lives.

If you missed my webinar on “Design Thinking – the Future of Education” – You now have an opportunity to watch the recording at a time that suits you.

Start your journey to greater impact, more free time and happiness here.

Together we create better education.

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