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your child will work in job that doesn't exist

Do you know that our education system is designed to turn children into obedient factory workers?

Horace Mann was an American politician and education reformer. He was pushing for free, standardised, compulsory education for each child. Mann believed that a common learning experience would “equalize the conditions of men”. He also believed that schools should prepare children for future employment (At the factories) by instilling values such as obedience to authority, discipline, promptness in attendance, and organising the time according to bell ringing.

Mann was arguing that universal public education was the best way to turn unruly American children into disciplined, conforming citizens. Mann won widespread approval for implementing this public-school system.

Mann’s school system then spread to the rest of the world and is the foundation for the school system we have today.

In the world we live in, with a pace of change which is only increasing, 65% of children entering primary schools will work in jobs that haven’t been created yet.

What are your views on our education system in terms of setting children for successful life in the 21st century?

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