One Program.
Whole School Transformation. 

Finally, high quality and unique program that delivers a shared understanding of what excellent teaching and learning practice looks like and provides a framework for teaching in the 21st century.

With a whole new approach to professional development, "PBL and Beyond" bring the most innovative thinking to your school.
The program helps your school develop the best possible teaching and learning culture that will enhance students’ achievements, develop their skills, and increase their confidence.

“PBL and Beyond” harness the power of Design Thinking to transform school’s culture and learning environment.  

It brings Design Thinking, powerful, innovative thinking and techniques from successful companies such as Tesla, Airbnb, Netflix, and M3, to your school.  

Research supports the need to adopt Design Thinking as the new way of teaching and learning. One of them is North Carolina State University research exploring whether Design Thinking should be used as the new twenty-first-century education paradigm at primary schools.

The research concludes that exposure to Design Thinking education from a primary school level lays a solid foundation that would benefit all children, leading to greater engagement at school and contributing to their future success in their professional lives.
Design Thinking students develop collaborative problem-solving skills, creative and critical thinking, empathy, social skills, teamwork skills, and a growth mindset. Furthermore, Design Thinking challenges students to find solutions to complex problems and supports students' academic performances. 

This innovative program benefits your students as well as your teachers.

“PBL and Beyond” expands and enhances teachers’ capabilities by helping them use Design Thinking to deliver existing content in a way that improves students’ academic performances. It offers strategies for improving teaching and learning and turning the school into an innovative learning environment. 

Educators that learn and practice Design Thinking make a lasting impact on students' life skills by teaching them this process.


Watch this video and see how "PBL and Beyond" create the environment any principal wish for their school – 

Glittering Minds teamed with The Lego Foundation to bring you a unique opportunity

This fantastic opportunity includes Glittering Minds' flagship program "PBL and Beyond"-

An on-demand five weeks Design Thinking online course for ALL your teachers.

During this course, your teachers are learning and experiencing Design Thinking by working on a project. They also get to try different elements of Design Thinking with their students as a way to galvanise their new learnings.

Why does “PBL and Beyond” online course designed in this manner?

To provide your teachers with:

  • A flexible and easy way to learn

  • A way of learning that aligns with your teachers hectic, busy days at school

  • The most effective way to learn

  • Hands-on learning experience

Even if you think your teachers don't have the time for professional development, "PBL and Beyond" is explicitly designed for busy teachers.

This professional development don’t interrupt your school’s day to day activities and doesn’t require further cost for replacement teachers.


A comprehensive ebook on how to teach students Design Thinking, for each one of your teachers.

Teachers receive everything they need to facilitate this learning. They don’t need to spend any time on lesson planning as everything is ready for them.

Why does “PBL and Beyond” include all this material?

We know teachers are busy. Therefore, we want to make adopting this new teaching method as easy as possible. Everything is ready for them. All they need to do is plug and play.

Furthermore, “PBL and Beyond” is a practical professional development. It supports teachers when they need it the most, when they use their new skills and way of teaching for the first time in their classroom.

This program supports your teachers with everything they need to implement Design Thinking in their classroom.

A comprehensive template to help your teachers plan future projects using Design Thinking tools, mindset, and methodology.

This comprehensive guide makes planning projects much easier and quicker. It guides teachers on what they need to think about when they plan a project to ensure they don’t miss any aspect of a successful project.

It gives them the framework to create deep, rich, authentic, meaningful projects that will empower your students, increase engagement, provide them with a voice and agency and develop their 21st-century skills.


Why does “PBL and Beyond” include such a comprehensive guide?

To allow your teachers to:

  • Reduce the hours they spend on project planning

  • Have guidance on what they need to think about and consider when they plan projects

  • Create deep, meaningful, authentic, rich projects

  • Successfully adopt Design Thinking


And as a special bonus, your school will receive Lego to use as prototyping material as part of "PBL and Beyond" program. 




One program. 
Whole school transformation. 

As a celebration of The Lego Foundation and Glittering Minds collaboration to help principals re-imagine education, this innovative program is offered to three elementary schools in the USA with a 50% scholarship. 

It is a unique opportunity to transform your school and impact the lives of your students, teachers and the broader school’s community profoundly. 

So, what are you waiting for?
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Glittering Minds and The Lego Foundation Special Offer

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Glittering Minds and The Lego Foundation Special Offer

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